It’s 2017. HOW IS IT 2017?!?! Where did the time go? Along with my teen years and my twenties for that matter, life has zipped by seemingly at a snail’s pace while in the moment yet like the speed of light when I look back on how much time has passed. We’re getting older, y’all. … More Discipline

To be known

Last month, I visited a church I’d never visited before and easily saw 20 people I previously went to church or high school with back in the day. Afterwards, I went to lunch with a friend and ran into a family whose children I attended elementary school with many years ago. Hours later, after driving … More To be known

What’s next?

A missionary recently back from the field told me a little about the ministry she’d been doing overseas. After hearing how God had moved I asked “What’s next?” Hours later I felt as if the Holy Spirit rebuked me mildly. In modern western culture we can be so quick to move on to the next … More What’s next?