Family Meeting

I always laughed at sitcoms or movies where a parent or child decide to call a family meeting. I thought “Who does this kind of thing?” On television, family meetings are called when a child may be acting out or has become withdrawn. Then there are the family meetings about mee-maw’s health or her estate. … More Family Meeting

To be known

Last month, I visited a church I’d never visited before and easily saw 20 people I previously went to church or high school with back in the day. Afterwards, I went to lunch with a friend and ran into a family whose children I attended elementary school with many years ago. Hours later, after driving … More To be known


Today, my family lays to rest the oldest of my mother’s generation, my Uncle Robert. My uncle was a Marine who served in Vietnam before I was born. I didn’t know him as soldier. When I was a toddler, he was the uncle who would come in the house, looking for me as he shouted “Where’s … More Legacy