Family Meeting

I always laughed at sitcoms or movies where a parent or child decide to call a family meeting. I thought “Who does this kind of thing?” On television, family meetings are called when a child may be acting out or has become withdrawn. Then there are the family meetings about mee-maw’s health or her estate. No, you’re not getting mee-maw’s pearls, Susan. The idea of a family meeting was one I saw played out in fictional situations.

What I’m seeing in my social media news feeds and on television hurts my heart.

Is it just me or does the planet need a family meeting? After a situation at one of their locations in Pennsylvania, the CEO of Starbucks scheduled a day of diversity training for their employees this month. Every few days I come across a situation where someone is calling the police on people of color who are just enjoying everyday life by:

-waiting for a friend in Starbucks

-grilling ribs and chicken at the park

-snoozing in a lounge while attempting to study for finals in college

-shopping for prom at Nordstrom Rack

-not waving at a stranger when checking out of their AirBnB

-attending a college tour

-picking up debris along the side of the road with their sorors for community service

It’s all exhausting.

Don’t even get me started about the environmental concerns and international conflicts. Sweet haysoos, I can’t keep up with those, which seem to switch levels of priority and importance depending on which network reports the news.

We need to sit down, admit many of our goals have been motivated by selfish ambition and earth has physically suffered the consequences while its citizens have been effected emotionally, physically and socially. All of us have felt it in some way or another. Not just people of color. Not just women. Not just men. Not just the poor. Not just… fill in the blank. I love the world in which we live, but it’s time we be honest with ourselves. We need to clean up the mess we’ve made.

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