Genealogy Digging

These days it seems every one is fascinated with their family history and genealogy thanks to the popularity of shows like Finding Your Roots and Genealogy Roadshow on PBS and Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC. For me, these shows have fueled my love for history, providing me with helpful research methods to use for my own genealogy digging.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared any of my findings with those who follow my potpourri blog so I’m giving you a head’s up. With so much being discovered in my research, I will be posting more about my findings here in an effort to connect with others seeking to do similar digging for their own families or for those who find research as fascinating as I do.

I’ve always been a curious sort who has sought to discover the origins of things. From looking up the origin of words and colloquialisms in the encyclopedia to disassembling my family’s VCR, my curiosity was always encouraged in my younger years. When my own family history became the object of curiosity both the maternal and paternal sides of my family volunteered information to fuel my research, which has led to some interesting tidbits. With every census record, freedman’s roll, and dusty box of keepsakes the mystery of my lineage becomes closer to being unlocked. 

Are you interested in your family’s history? Tell me about your own research or what you wish you could find out in the comments below.

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