What’s in your hand?

My computer is a bit slow. I’d like another, but outside of this one being slow I think it still has some life in it for a couple of years. With some much needed TLC of course. However, there are days I longingly glance at the Apple store in the mall as I run errands. My first computer was a Mac, something I now wear as a badge of honor. I wrote my first newspaper articles on that wonderful Mac Performa, kept an electronic journal a la Doogie Howser and got lost creating all sorts of Sim Cities, Parks, Safaris – you name it.

While it would be lovely to have a nice shiny MacBook Pro to work on all these side hustles I’ve been dreaming up, my trusty old HP is hanging in there. You see, while I could do great things with that MacBook Pro, there are a lot of things I can do with the resources I currently have at my disposal. You know how it is. You tell yourself, “If I had that thing, I’d be able to do so much more.”

The truth? I don’t have that thing and I may not be able to get it for some time. However, the question that sits unanswered is what will I do with what is currently in my hand?

It makes me think of the Biblical account of an old man who’d lived a long life trying to run away from the sins of his youth. Somehow he ends up back in the town he was trying to escape and is called on to lead millions of people out of slavery….which he did….but not without obstacles. Their backs were against the wall. He asked God, the creator of the universe and all contained therein, what he should do. God directed him to the object he held in his hand: a staff. A staff was a very practical stick used to keep the livestock in order, walk long distances while looking sage, and dramatically gesturing while making grand proclamations (i.e. Charlton Heston, The Ten Commandments). It wasn’t fancy. It wasn’t bedazzled nor did it come in gorgeous pop colors like the Kate Spade handbags I saw in the mall tonight. It was ordinary, but Moses didn’t say “Hey God….so I’ve had my eye on an upgrade for awhile. If you hook me up with the latest iStaff I could really do amazing things. Perhaps I could make those Egyptians disappear instead of just inflicting their town with a plague of Kermits.” Moses didn’t have time for that.

I enjoy writing. Even more so I enjoy writing in fresh journals. I’m a bit of a journal hoarder. I love that feeling of penning the first few pages in some beautifully covered binding of paper. However, there is nothing magical about that new journal. Although it gives me new pages to write in, I haven’t changed. My writing habits are the same. I still have to make a decision to make time to write. But the allure of that new journal is hard to resist sometimes.

Last week I saw an article about a guy who shot an entire movie using iPhones. As a result, the film made waves at the Sundance Film Festival. His choice of equipment was primarily motivated by the style of film he wanted to shoot but it spoke to me. Sometimes we’re waiting for the perfect writing environment, the perfect day off to work on something, or the perfect equipment to pursue an idea that’s been burning in our hearts when what we need to get started is already in our hands albeit much less flashy than those bells and whistles we keep waiting to line up.

Are you in a similar situation? You may not be the chosen spokesman tasked with leading a people group out of perpetual servitude but you’re getting increasingly irritated with your current situation. Perhaps you’re spending lots of time trying to make ends meet, working at a job you don’t particularly like. You have a great idea that has the potential to develop into something lucrative but you don’t have the time to make things happen. If you don’t do something different, things will remain the same.

Don’t ignore it because it isn’t flashy, doesn’t look the way so and so’s looks, or isn’t made by Kate Spade (I should’ve bought that purse.) You have resources at your fingertips that could get momentum going for those things you want to see happen for you. What’s in your hand?

What’s in my hand you ask? Two iPhones and an HP. All three are waiting for me to get the lead out and make things happen.

What resources are currently available to you to start pursuing that dream? What can you do with what you already have?


  1. This resonates with me so much! It’s so easy to get swept up in the next big thing and in the meantime become distracted and fail to work with everything available to us. That temptation lures us to the task at hand: staying faithful to whatever process we’ve committed ourselves to.

    • Thanks for commenting, Kayla! I have to remind myself that some of the most notable pieces of literature were written with ink and quill yet I behave as if I NEED a gel pen in order to write in a certain notebook. We can be total divas sometimes when all we need to do is get right down to work. Thanks for stopping by!

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