The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge – What’s in a name?


“Day 10 – Google the meaning of your name and talk about how it fits or doesn’t fit you.”

I was born after two very popular songs about a “Brandy” dominated the airwaves during the 70’s.  Perhaps my parents were optimistic. I’ve jokingly asked my dad if he chose the name with hopes of me being “a fine girl”. As a result the name Brandy was a top choice for the sweet baby girl born to my parents in the early 80’s. I prefer it over the other choice my mother considered: Angel. I’ve met at least 8 Angels over the years and 6 of them were of the fallen variety.

*blank stare* I’m not judging. Just calling a spade a spade. Perhaps they have gotten better as they grew older.

According to the search results, the name Brandy means:

 distilled or burnt wine; or Italian surname meaning “sword”

Some alternate meanings indicated it was the feminine form of Brandon or Brendan which is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic form, Breanainn, which derives from a Celtic word meaning “prince”.

That was a mouthful.

So putting all those meanings together, does that make me a tipsy princess with a sword?

I’d like to attribute the name choice to the song below but when my dad saw the reddish brown head of hair I had when I was born, which is the most recognizable color of the distilled spirit, Brandy it was.

As a child I didn’t care for my first name, preferring the meaning of my middle name which is:

Monique – french form of Monica; in some languages “advisor” or “to advise; counselor”.

After many years of lending an ear to a good friend or being accosted in grocery store parking lots by random folks needing to tell their sob story, I feel that my middle name is definitely appropriate for my personality.

What’s the meaning of your name? Do you think it fits your personality?

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