Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Photo courtesy of Brandy Anderson

It’s been blazing hot this summer. Most days the weather stays well into the 90s with a heat index that makes it feel like it’s 106. For once I’m not exaggerating. It’s ridiculously hot AND humid. This doesn’t help my goal in trying to walk consistently. I’m so sorry, Summer, I don’t like you. And haven’t liked you for a long time. But despite the wretched weather I have continued with my attempts to exercise. A gym is not an option and unfortunately I can’t get up early enough to walk before work while there is daylight. So armed with my trusty bottle of water and a washcloth I walk. In a state known for its colonial history I walk thinking of the generation of settlers and colonists that came before me who perhaps traveled in the same area but had to endure warm temperatures while wearing heavy fabrics and toiling unfamiliar soil. Man, they had it rough.

And here I am complaining. But just as I round the corner complaining again in my head about the temperature this beautiful little Morning Glory greeted me. A bit worn around the edges (missing some needed nutrients perhaps or nipped by a few insects) this beautiful flower stretched towards the blazing sun without complaint for the humidity or the blazing heat, taking what it needs.

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