I was alone. I was in London. Lost…..again.

Maybe I’d watched too many Rick Steves‘ travel shows that had me thoroughly convinced to always try to “blend in with the locals”. For someone who had navigated other cities solo with few to no problems I somehow managed to get lost too many times during my 6-day trip. With no time constraints I wandered aimlessly until I regained my bearings and would continue on my way. Did I ask for help? And give away the appearance that I didn’t live there? Not a chance.  Instead I sat on a bench, pulled out my cellphone to feign communication with someone while I observed the busyness around me. It was a Saturday. There were families eating outside at restaurants, people lugging bulky bags in and out of the laundromat and quite a few couples of various sizes and hues out and about. Just as I looked up from my phone I saw a smartly dressed couple about to cross the street. I grabbed my camera to snap a quick photo. The motorist was a bonus.