Life Lessons – Angry Birds

I have never been one to get caught up in trending phenomenons. Okay so I did have a tomagatchi and I downloaded the ROMs and Emulator to play the first three Pokemon games but as a rule I let those types of things hang around a bit, get cheaper in price and then I might check them out. I enjoy techie gadgets as much as the next person as my budget allows. Due to my low college student budget I didn’t get a chance to experience the Angry Birds frenzy until this past February when I traded my dinosaur LG EnVy for a smartphone. This past time of helping furious fowl avenge their slighted brethren taught me a few things about myself and life. Here are a few of the life lessons I gleaned.

1. It’s all about strategy. After hurling birds at stationary objects for several consecutive days, I began to develop a strategy. Over time, after a mixture of success and failure, I began to devise strategies that helped me achieve my goals. As a child I quickly learned that I couldn’t properly study while watching anything on Nickelodeon. A Doug marathon was not the best background noise while studying trigonometry, but People’s Court seemed to keep me focused while providing the background noise I needed.  Christmas Eve is not the best day to do Christmas shopping so I keep a list on Google Docs of gift ideas and make purchases throughout the year. Since going back to school and obtaining new employment I have had to work out a few new strategies.Waiting until late in the evening to complete dense reading assignments doesn’t work for me.    I moved my study times to earlier in the day before I become drained by the hot as hades weather and craziness of life. What new strategies have you implemented lately?

2. If at first you don’t succeed, hurl another bird….I mean try again.When I first played this game which requires hurling birds into objects to destroy their adversaries, my success was hit or miss. I found myself restarting levels multiple times to pass to the next level or achieve a higher score.  In my own life I find myself having to try things again and again and again. With each try I learn more about people and myself. With each new job opportunity I learn more about what I can and cannot tolerate in the workplace and how to work with colleagues of varying attitudes. Each new try combined with a refined strategy has the potential to yield better results for me. My strategies aren’t always foolproof but I’m trying. Is there anything at which you’re giving it another go?

If at first you don't succeed, try again.

3. Invest your time in things that really matter.  Yes, those tempestuous fowl are addictive, but what else could you be spending your time doing? I had to ask myself that when my eyes began to get heavy, but I didn’t want to go to sleep with out passing the next level. Wait a minute. I’d been here before except previously there had been Italian plumbers trying to save a fungal princess and a little boy with a little yellow mouse that HAD TO CATCH ‘EM ALL. Oh, these bitter birdies, were not going to get me. I limited my play to rare occasions while beginning to evaluate other time wasters currently in action. One of my biggest downfalls is getting lost in the blogsphere instead of writing blog entries. So many people have wonderful experiences to relate that I get wrapped up in reading them instead of writing about my own. I’m working on it.   What’s a better use of your time?

These birds don't look angry.

As the host of a show I watch on PBS often says, “We’re all in this together.”

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