What would you do with a million dollars…tax free?

After  I finished running through the halls of my apartment complex? j/k….kind of….

I would immediately pull up my credit report and contact all of the creditors and pay up.  Oh the joy that fills my heart when I see two of the MOST beautiful symbols in western finance beside my name: $0, but that is only in regards to things I owe. Those can quickly become some of the most depressing symbols when referring to the funds available to me.

Those accounts would include medical bills, credit cards (since destroyed) and student loans.  The next order of business would be to pay off any debt that my parents still have lingering around. They both have always been hard workers who didn’t make a lot when I was growing up but did the best they could with the resources made available to them. Then I would buy each of them a place to live and set aside money in an account that would take care of personal property taxes for the rest of their lives.  Yes I love them.

My mother loves old renovated cape cods or cottages. She’s always said “I don’t need a whole lot of space. Just some place I can sleep, eat, read, pray and relax.” I’d love to give her just that.

Next I’d set up need based merit scholarship programs at the various schools I attended and one at my grandmother’s alma mater Virginia Union University. The scholarship would be awarded to students who meet certain academic requirements and are the first in their families to attend college. I would also like to start a scholarship program in her name in her hometown.

I also have a few missionary friends working in various countries around the world that I would definitely help support. Many of them have learned new languages and traveled to new lands in order to do humanitarian work. And they don’t receive a salary or have a retirement plan to look forward to.

Of course I need some new digs of my own. Although I would love to experience living in another city, my primary residence would be in the beloved city of my birth Richmond, VA. There is so much rich history there. I love the fact that I can drive to various portions of the city and have the various styles of architecture provide a timeline of historic events. I would either purchase a house in one of the first areas I lived as a child, Church Hill or purchase a home on the much coveted Cary Street….Road.  The homes…excuse me…ESTATES located in those blocks are absolutely gorgeous on the outside. One day I will be able to visit a few of them on the inside. At that time I will report back to you with my findings. 😉

In the meantime, what would you do with a million dollars…tax free? 🙂


  1. I’ve been thinking on this very subject for the past few weeks. I would definitely pay all my parents as well as my own debts. I would give my parents money to purchase a home outright and maybe buy myself a nice little place that is paid for outright too. I honestly think after I give a 10th to the church, go on my mini shopping spree(which included furniture for my home) and treat my friends(3 to be exact) to an extra special girls weekend trip somewhere far and distant or just exotic, I would save and invest what’s left of the money.

    • I’m hoping I am included in the planning for that trip. You will need someone with Google Maps skills. lol

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