Movies In Review: 2010

So many websites have posted their lists of best this and that of 2010. Here are a few of my favorite lists: Tarantino’s Favs, Let’s Go To The MoviesRoger Ebert’s Picks, Get Me Coffee – 2010 Top Movies. I’ll add a few others later.

After reading a few blog posts by others I decided to pull up to take inventory of all the movies released in 2010 that I saw last year. I also included whether or not I saw them in the theater or at home which for me can effect the opinion of the movie viewing experience.

Here is a list of what I saw last year:

Movies I saw:

1. The Book of Eli (Netflix)

2. When In Rome (Redbox)

3. Shutter Island (Netflix)

4. Our Family Wedding (Redbox)

5. Hot Tub Time Machine (Redbox)

6. How To Train Your Dragon (theater)

7. Why Did I Get Married Too? (theater)

8. Babies (Redbox)

9. Iron Man 2 (theater)

10. Robin Hood (theater)

11. Just Wright (theater)

12. Letters to Juliet (Redbox)

13. Shrek Forever After (theater)

14. Karate Kid (theater)

15. Toy Story 3 (theater)

16. Grown Ups (Redbox)

17. Knight & Day (Amazon)

18. Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Amazon)

19. Despicable Me (theater)

20. Inception (theater)

21. Salt (theater)

22. Step Up 3D (theater)

23. The Other Guys (theater)

24. Eat Pray Love (Redbox)

25. The Expendables (Redbox)

26. Lottery Ticket (Redbox)

27. Easy A (theater)

28. MegaMind (theater)

29. For Colored Girls (theater)

30. Tangled (theater)

31. Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (theater)

32. Little Fockers (theater)

A few of these movies I saw more than once for various reasons. Some I went to see because a group of people outvoted me in movie selection. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that a time or two. While scrolling through the list of 2010 releases on MovieWeb I also compiled a list of the movies I would like to see.

Movies I want to see:

1. Lbs

2. Waking Sleeping Beauty

3. A Matter of Size

4. Date Night

5. La Mission

6. Who Do You Love?

7. The Infidel (currently on Netflix list)

8. The Perfect Game

9. Lord Save Us From Your Followers

10. It’s A Wonderful Afterlife

11. OSS 117: Lost In Rio

12. Sorry, Thanks

13. Speed Dating

14. Winter’s Bone

15. The Lottery

16. Kings of the Evening

17. Great Directors

18. Spoken Word

19. Cairo Time

20. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

21. Takers

22. I Am Comic

23. The American

24. The Town

25. The Romantics (Josh Duhamel)

26. Waiting for Superman

27. Wall Street

28. You Again

29. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

30. Due Date

31. Inside Job

32. Morning Glory

33. Unstoppable

34. The Next Three Days

35. Today’s Special

36. The King’s Speech

37. Night Catches Us

38. The Tempest

39. The Tourist

40. The Fighter

41. Frankie and Alice (Canadian release, wide release in 2011)

42. The Illusionist (animated)

I can only imagine what it’s like to be a professional movie critic. Between work and school there aren’t nearly enough hours in a day for me to watch all the movies on my mental list let alone the one listed above.

One thing’s for sure………I’ll have fun trying.

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