USA Today did a story on the increase of "non-traditional" students in the U.S.

I relocated to another city to complete my degree in Cinema-TV/Journalism. That means new digs, new job, new school – new everything! I had a few financial setbacks when I arrived mainly stemming from a shortfall in my financial aid. No, I didn’t resort to ramen noodles since I had brought tons of pasta and olive oil with me, but things have been tough over the last few months.  I have been job searching since July.  Thankfully I have finally had a couple of interviews over the last week, but it’s been a challenge to find employment with companies that are clearly looking for a basic set of skills. In addition to that it’s been a challenge to connect with folks on campus since most of my classmates are a bit younger. However, it’s a hurdle that I am determined to successfully jump over! I can partly identify with the students featured in the above USA Today story.

Are you a non-traditional student? If so what are some of the difficulties you face? Although there are genuine concerns experienced by the non-traditional student I do believe some of these may be shared by traditional students as well. If you are a traditional student what are some of your student woes?

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