Out of all the visuals I’ve absorbed over the years for some reason the first image that my mind conjures up when thinking of the word “believe” is a scene from the animated movie “The Prince Of Egypt“. Of course the visual would not be complete without the two rousing renditions of the song “When You Believe“.

While I may not be facing death or trying to cross a seemingly insurmountable body of water as the Israelites in the Exodus account I am keenly aware of the internal and external obstacles that I am observing in my own exodus account.

Internally I wage war with my mind, challenging it to think past my personal insecurities and doubts of success. These thoughts attempt to annihilate the dreams previously held captive between my thoughts and sporadic journal entries. For years I felt somewhat comfortable in that state of captivity. Then my Moses came. He spoke words of encouragement through those who listened & took me seriously. He breathed life into deflated dreams through songs that prompted me to keep moving forward. He never looks or sounds the same but I can always recognize him. For his never ending support I am grateful!

Please don’t ever stop dreaming. (I’m hoping that I’ll have some good news to share with you soon!)

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  1. This is a very thought provoking post. Never give up on your dreams and aspirations, how silly or complex they may seem. I am so glad that you found your Moses, someone who can breathe life into your ideas and help you conquer your fears. You can do anything sis. 🙂

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