Keep pushing forward

Around this time last year I was working part-time at a local bookstore. I had recently returned home from a 3-month stint teaching English in Brazil. During my time in Brazil, I felt a distinct sense that I should pursue a few of my dreams. Unfortunately when my savings dried up and I could no longer pay my bills timely, I converted that sense of urgency to pursue dreams to an urgency to obtain employment. Last year I sat in a room with a few hundred people waiting to be herded into a small corral of job fair stalls like dairy cows. It was as unpleasant for me as being milked is for Daisy. Some employers provided valuable job leads while others offered freebies in an effort to appease the masses when they referred unhappy job seekers to their website dodging pertinent inquiries like politicians dodging questions about health care. (Yeah, I know that was a run-on that you were anxiously waiting to see end, but that’s how I felt while waiting at the career fair). I wasn’t successful at that fair, but I did accept an unrelated job offer the following week. If you’re out there looking, don’t give up. A great opportunity is just around the corner!

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