In a little over a year, this blog will no longer apply to its author (previous blog title: Musings of a 20something). I will be thirty in 2011. I am slightly amazed at how fast time has flown by.  I can’t say that I want it to slow down nor do I want it to increase speed.

However, it does seem like it wasn’t that long ago that I was writing in my journal as an adolescent, guessing what my life would be like at age 32. At that time I said I would be working for either Disney or Warner Bros., be married with children and make 6 figures.

None of those things are close in sight, but there are times when I feel that they are near.  Have you ever had that feeling that something you want is so close to happening you can almost tangibly feel it? It’s an odd sensing that I am trying to verbalize.  I feel that I am only a few decisions away from making one of those things happen.

Sixteen years later….and I’m still dreaming.

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