2010….I made it, baby!

Several months after I declared my book buying fast, I declare success!!!! Um, to a measure that is.  While I was successful in abstaining from excessive book-buying, I saw an increase in the amount of DVDs purchased.  Altogether I have probably bought at least 25 DVDs since the self-proclaimed book-fast back in August.

I am still slowly going through the books I’ve purchased. The challenge now is to write about each book.  Starting off January 2010 with a bang is

A Girl And Her Money: How to have a great relationship without falling in love by Sharon Durling

The author is a financial counselor and money coach — both of which I need desperately. Interesting thing is I looked at this book several years ago, the first time I worked at a bookstore, but did not buy it.  This time, since the store was going out of business reducing most of the inventory to affordable prices for this cheap skate, I purchased it.  I figured with the outsourced debt collectors giving me wake-up calls every morning, I could use some wisdom from an expert.

The most intriguing chapter for me so far is


Nothing super complicated, just touching on the feelings or emotions that are evoked when thoughts of money arise. In my present financial state, thoughts of the lack of money do not bring much peace. Durling explains that your money personality was developed during the first 10 years of your life.

Hmm….Let’s journey back to the 1980s.  It was just mom and me. Mom was a hardworking woman in her mid-thirties, raising a kid while working and earning her undergraduate degree at night. Money was tight. I was enrolled at a private school that charged a pretty low price for tuition compared to today’s standards, however, I remember my mom asking me to pray with her that God would provide. In various ways the money always came through, but there were a lot of things she said “no” to because we simply couldn’t afford them. I also remember the calls from bill collectors. I remember being excited when the phone company began to offer caller ID. No more nasty attitude bill collectors. As the old adage goes, you catch more flies with honey then vinegar, folks.

Ignoring the calls doesn’t help either, which is what I’ve been doing in my current overwhelmed state.*Sigh* I was on good terms with these folks this time last year, but life happened.

“They told me I was a valued customer, now they send me hate mail!” – Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic

That sums up my sentiments.   My short term financial goals for the next month? Keep better track of every dollar that leaves my account AND what it’s for.  I am determined to get it together this year. Little by little. Day by day. Penny by penny.

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