I have a birthday coming up in a few mon…

I have a birthday coming up in a few months. Sort of hard to believe that I am gaining ground on hitting that thirty mark. I think of all the things I wanted to accomplish as a child. I imagined my life to be so different than how it’s turned out.

Last Friday I pushed a few voluntary obligations to the side and visited a bookstore by my job. I grabbed a few items to read, parking myself in the only available isolated seat which happened to be located in the children’s section.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch was at the top of my pile. I remembered seeing the forwarded youtube video of his lecture a couple of years ago. I remember feeling moved. I remember feeling inspired. I remember feeling excited that someone who had dreamed as a kid was actually able to see some of those dreams come true. As I sat there in the children’s section reading that book, I began to tear up (WUSS for sure!). YES! There I was tearing up in the children’s section as I read about how some of the simplest yet grandest dreams (ex: contributing author for World Book Encyclopedia, working as an imagineer at Disneyland) became a reality for this guy. They didn’t occur over night. Some came true as a result of his diligence in another area, while others required persistence on his part. One commonality is that they came true.

I eventually put the book to the side not wanting to lose it all like a crazy person in the children’s section, but I continued to think about my dreams. I’ve included a few of my childhood dreams below.

1. Become an animator for Disney and/or Warner Bros.
2. Become a successful novelist
3. Travel to 30+ countries
4. Become a screen writer/director/producer
5. Become an orchestra conductor

Those dreams seem so distant yet so close. Several of them have resurfaced in my dreams at night over the last 2-3 years (I won’t say which ones). It’s gotten to the point now where I am slightly irritable with my present position in life. I question if this irritability is enough to motivate me. I try not to act based on my emotions but I believe this can be a positive thing.

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