Doc E and the Amazing Technicolor Family

I came across the link above on Twitter. Photos of the tiny tot’s development are a blessing. Reading about the adoption process for the family brought old desires and memories to the surface of my thoughts. As long as I can remember I have wanted to adopt. While I am not quite sure of the exact origin of this desire, I remember a family that watered the seed.

When I was a child my mother worked at a university in my hometown. Due to limited babysitting resources I would occasionally go to work with her on my days off from school. I always took books, colored pencils and other creative things along to occupy myself. At some point I was allowed to go visit some of the other employees who worked in a variety of capacities at the university. One located across the hall from my mother was an English professor who also served as an adviser. Let’s call him Doc.

Doc was a very simple man. He often wore the same, worn but comfortable suits and often smoked a pipe. He would talk to me about books, asking me about whatever I was reading at the time while making suggestions for new reads. I remember he once mentioned he had a daughter my age (6 at the time) and showed me a picture of his family on the wall. He pointed out his wife and began to name the 5 or 6 children in the photo. Some of them I’d assumed were his automatically since their skin was of the same hue. Without me asking, he explained that 4 out of 6 of the children in the photo were adopted.

I can’t recall what my six-year old self thought of this rainbow family, but I do remember that I would peer into his office at that photo hanging on the wall whenever I had the chance. I didn’t know the stories behind all of the adoptions, but what Doc and his wife had done in opening their home and hearts to those children made an impression.

Every time I think of adoption I visualize that multi-colored depiction of love and acceptance. I think of how since then I’ve wanted to adopt. And as I grow older I think of how important it is that sig. other understands and shares this desire.

Where are the men who want to adopt?

Angelina already has dibs on Brad.

*sigh* We shall see….

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