Many books later…

About a month after I came out of the closet about my bibliophilic habits and tendencies I decided to declare a book fast.  I have fasted a number of things over the years: food, beverages, tv, internet…people. However, fasting books is a first for me. Let me be a bit more specific: book buying fast. When did this happen? So glad you asked!

Around mid-August, the bookstore where I worked (mentioned in a previous post) went out of business, plunging me back into the pool of unemployed Americans.  While I waited to receive a response to my expert cover letter and resume writing skills, I sought solace in one of my happy places: a bookstore.  I switched up my usual routine and headed to a Booksamillion instead of Barnes & Noble and stumbled on a treasure trove of book bargains that even an unemployed penny pincher couldn’t resist.

But I should have.

You see, during the short period of time I worked at the locally owned bookstore (2 1/2 months) I’d purchased around 50 books.  Don’t judge. Most of the books were purchased after I discovered the store was going out of business (50-75% off!!!!). Any TRUE bibliophile would understand.

And any sane person would understand that I shouldn’t have been ogling books in another store.  Yet there I stood, ogling away.

I grabbed two really nice journals for my mother who always complains of having nothing to write in. My phone silent (unintentionally) I meandered the length of the store and euphorically found my way to the discounted books.

I picked up a couple of bargains.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves
$3.97!!! How could I resist?


Later on that night when I finally got home and saw the various books and magazines I’d purchased over the summer, spread out all over my little space I decided that August 14th would be my last book buying day of the year.

Since that day I have exhibited more effort to read the books I already own while refraining from adding to the collection. I’ve added magazines and journals to the list of fasted items.  Progress has been made. However I did almost have a meltdown in Barnes & Noble when I saw the item below:

Screenplay for Inglourious Basterds

I held it together though……..barely…..

The fast continues until either the end of the year OR until I’ve read at least half of the books I purchased this past summer.  We’ll see how well I hold out.

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