>Julie & Julia


I ventured out to finally see the much anticipated Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep as Julia Child, Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci. Towards my later teenage years I began watching Julia Child’s cooking show on my local PBS station and found myself fascinated with the food she prepared. Unlike Amy Adams’ character I wasn’t exactly inspired to duplicate the recipes myself, however, there was enough interest for me to dish out a few bucks to check out the movie.

The movie shows the life of Julia Child prior to becoming the famous Julia Child we have come to know. The viewer sees her journey of self discovery from her days of wandering around Paris in search of a hobby to her celebratory dance over the news of a publishing deal for her first book. In between we see the story of Amy Adams’ character Julie who answers telephones for a living while dreaming of writing a breakout novel. One day as a result of a conversation with her husband, Julie is inspired to keep a blog journal of her progress as she set out to complete every recipe in Child’s The Art of French Cooking.

The views of Paris (or its look-a-like) were refreshing compared to the demolishing of Paris I’d seen in this summer’s GI Joe (absolutely horrible).

This movie hit home a bit more personally. No, as I explained before, I was never inspired to try all of those wonderful dishes Julia made on her weekly tv show. However, I resonated with Julie. I definitely know how it feels to not have achieved the things you set out to accomplish when you were younger. Year after year flys by. Unfinished project after unfinished project. So my goal is to move one step closer, little by little, towards finishing something that I’ve started (Ex: writing projects, learning a new language, learning a new piece on the piano).

What unfinished business can you attend to this summer?

(Oh! Here’s a link to the Julie/Julia Project blog that the book and movie were based off of. Bon appetite!)

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