Photographic pleasures

Since I have begun an involuntary frugal lifestyle I started taking pictures of things that I wanted to buy but could not otherwise afford. Here are a few of those items.


The Portable MFA in Creative Writing.  Perhaps it’s a bit hasty of me since I have yet to obtain my undergraduate degree, but hey…it could happen. :o)


This dress screams His Girl Friday with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, but is simply called June. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford it before next June….

And last but not least………..

 Last month I visited the Mini Cooper dealership in my city. Within 10 minutes of me getting out of my car, a salesman had landed. It was a hot 90+ degree weather day so I politely notified him that I was just there to take in some eye candy instead of just peeping at pics online. He obliged me and retreated to his air conditioned cubicle once he realized his sale’s pitch wasn’t going to work and he was sweating buckets. I was left alone with a sea of colorful Minis and the sun.  *sigh*

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