A Confession…

Hi…my name is Kyo and I am addicted to books.


There. I said it. Finally. I don’t feel better or worse about admitting it, but one thing is for sure. My recent book ‘consumption’ has gotten out of hand. No, you say? Let me make it plain for you.

I recently started a new part-time job working at a locally owned bookstore.  Since I had been unemployed for 6 months, this was a good thing, right? Wrong.  As soon as I walked in the store on my first day of work and noticed the 50%-75% book section, I knew my fate was sealed. I begun devouring the contents of books from various sections: Christian Living, Relationships, Family, Church Ministry, Leadership and the dreaded category of all – FICTION! I have worked there for 1 month and have read and purchased and embarrassingly large amount of books (book reviews will follow shortly).  But seriously, this is how bad it has become.

I was at the library dropping off a few boxes of books my boss had gotten rid of. Figured the library could use some kids books for their summer reading program. While I was there I took a peek at the books and magazines that were for sale and came across a book of 501 French verbs for twenty-five cents! Only $ .25!!!!!!!!!  Cool right?

Not cool. Why? I haven’t taken French since 7th grade. Since my brief exposure with francais (a semester’s worth), I have spent most of my time studying Japanese and Spanish in high school as well as college. What inkling of French I retained was used during a 1-week trip to Paris with my high school senior year which ironically I ended up using more Japanese than French (another story, another time).

So there I was in the library with the $2 that my mom had given me to pick up her medication from CVS. I was unsure of the exact price of her medication but for a split second I contemplated

                                     “If I buy this book….will I have enough left over?”

When it’s gotten that bad where I am contemplating buying a book from medication money, something is CLEARLY not right.

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