New Opportunity

As usual I am seeking guidance regarding direction.  I have so many things I’d like to accomplish in my short life span (70+ years God willing).  I really want to pursue my writing and film passion, but I still would like a chance to work for a federal government agency (immigration, FBI, CIA…).  Although I am not a fan of paperwork I like rules and regulations and enjoy providing people with information. So I didn’t think twice when I saw an employment opportunity with a state agency dealing with the regulation of a particular industry. The position pays $2,000 – $15,000 more than my last position with a state agency AND would give me the money I need to pay off my credit card bills (yeah baby).  But why do I have a slight sense that I would be selling out….to myself though. I’m having a challenge trying to figure out which dream to pursue when so I feel like I am pursuing them all simultaneously.  Just pray or hope that I’ll be able to focus on whatever it is I should be focusing on in my life right now. (But I could really use that job……)

(Update: I interviewed for the job the week after the bookstore I worked for went out of business. Received an offer the day after I applied for unemployment.)

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