Career challenges

I have been searching for new employment opportunities over the last month. It has been hard.  I have a number of factors that I have to consider while searching.  The main one that seems to be the hugest problem is transportation.  I have no car. Plain and simple.  I have no money for a car payment.  Actually, I’ve got an even better one. I have no money to pay my bills. Literally. Not a joke. Not speculation and far from overexaggeration.  I simply have run out of financial resources. 

How does this make me feel?  Frustrated.  What’s the most frustrating aspect of the whole situation?  I have been applying for jobs left and right.  Also I have seen jobs that fit my qualifications, however, with my current transportation issue I did not apply. In some cities this is probably not a big deal. Here in  Cap City….it’s a big deal. 

Upside to all of this? I got a call today from an old employer who wants to hire me.  So I’m heading back to one of my old retail gigs. They have two employees that are on their way out of there so they need someone fast. I start on Monday.  Weird thing is I have no idea how I’m going to work the transportation issue.

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