About a month ago I attended a screenwriting workshop in D.C.  Yes, aren’t you proud of me?  Finally less talk about writing and more action, right? Right.  The event was organized by the Washington D.C. Final Cut Pro group.  They brought in A-List Screenwriter, Jim Mercurio, of A-List Screenwriting.  The two-day lecture proved to be very interesting and I was able to meet with a group of very cool film enthusiasts as well as people who are active in the local film industry. 

So now that I have attended various workshops I am trying to discipline myself with writing. I have script, article, blog and video ideas swimming around in my brain, but I have a tough time trying to organize my thoughts and strategies about when to develop something now or later and end up developing nothing but a case of procrastination.

*sigh*  Fighting procrastination while trying to hold on to ebbing motivation.  Someone throw me a life preserver.