For the last two months I have been teaching English in Brazil via an international missions organization. It has been a wonderful experience, however, my mind, being the wonderful planner that I am, is already beginning to focus on what I will do when I return to the States.

Prior to my arrival in Brazil, a good friend of mine admonished me: ‘You’d better journal while you’re down there. I’m sure you will have a book or something about your experience.’  I am not sure if I will have a specific topic to talk about as a result of my experience, but I have been faithful to my word in keeping a journal.

I am now beginning to look through the thousands of entries on for websites or print publications that may be interested in my written work.  I am trying to use my time wisely, writing as much as I can before I leave this beautiful country.  Sometimes it is considerably difficult when trying to conjur up images, smells and perceptions that occurred months prior to my return home. So I am trying my best to seize the day.

The missions trip to teach English was a dream of mine for many years.  Having my written prose published has also been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I have come to the point where I am tired of talking about what I would like to do ‘someday’. I am now at the stage where I am ready to run (who am I kidding? I hate running, even metaphorically) or rather, walk briskly in pursuit of my writing dream.

I have been a permanent fixture at the starting block for way too long.  It’s time to stretch those mental muscles for the journey ahead.

Ready…                          set….                            wait for it…..

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