Many things have happened since my last post.

1. In August I became serious about my desire to go abroad for an ‘extended’ period of time. I reconnected with the folks at Rightnow.org about opportunities overseas.
2. In September found an organization that seemed to fit my goals and submitted an application to WEC International for a short-term stint teaching English.
3. In mid-October I received word that my application was accepted. Unfortunately my first choice of Japan wasn’t accepting short-termers at the time, but there was an opening in Brazil.
4. In November I submitted official paperwork notifying my wonderful unfulfilling government employer that my last day would be in December.
5. In December, I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my church. I forgot to mention I was recruited in October to help plan this anniversary….yes, around the same time I found out I was leaving the country in 3 months. I also said goodbye to my coworkers at that wonderful unfulfilling government job I mentioned.
6. In January, I departed for pre-field training in Pennsylvania. Mid-January I was on a plane to Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
7. In February, I began teaching English to three students at the English House near the mission base.
8. In March, I am thinking about my next step when I return to the states next month.

Lord, what will I do?

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