Holding On

Tis the season for engagements…fa la la la la….

Seriously though. Four marriages in my circle of friends this summer. That’s not to mention that most of the people I grew up with at church and in college are now married. A good single friend of mine who has recently hit 40 asked me how I felt in light of this season of engagements and marriages. I told her I did feel slightly left out. At times I’ve felt jipped. I’ve spent the majority of my teenage and young adult years serving God and taking care of his house. I was wondering when I would finally get to meet that special someone.

One of my big sisters at church recently married. I was/am overjoyed about who God blessed her with. She is and has always been an absolute amazing woman of God that has inspired me in more ways than one. She has faithfully served at our church in many facets and been a blessing to several mini-generations of youth at our church. So I was excited to see the equally amazing man of God that she was blessed with recently. I was in tears when she made her big announcement on Sunday. When I hugged her she spoke encouraging words that I really needed to hear.

Two days later, I still hold on to those encouraging words. There is a guy that I randomly talk to in the cafeteria in my building who I would like to get to know better. We always have really good conversations while waiting in line for breakfast and we also correspond via e-mail every once in awhile. But I in my impatience desire more interaction. I was on my way downstairs for breakfast this morning, hoping to grab some coffee to help me out. As I stood at the elevator with a coworker who had selected the up button, the elevator doors opened and there stood my cafeteria guy. Unfortunately, he had already picked up breakfast and was on his way back to his office. We greeted each other in passing, but as the elevator doors closed I experienced such a feeling of disappointment when I realized I wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to him today. I was sulky for the next 15 minutes as I waited in line for my food. I continued my sulking when I returned to my desk. I had a low moment as my personal insecurities began to flood my emotions. Then out of the blue some song lyrics came rising up:

Hold on, don’t let go. To give up now would be jacked up for sure. The journey is long and hard is the fight, but we trust in the Lord and in the power of his might. There’s power in His word and He’s gonna see you through. So keeping the faith is what we’ve gotta do. To believe our God is more than able!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah! (I Want My Destiny by Fred Hammond, Track 1 on the Purpose By Design CD)

Tears lightly clouded my eyes as I sang the words aloud with a huge smile on my face. God is so amazing! Always bringing me what I need exactly when I need it.

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