Becoming Brandy

In July of 2003 (I think), I decided to take the plunge and cut my hair from 8-10 inches to 1 inch. This was the most drastic cut I’d ever had, but I knew that it was time for a change and I was on a quest for a style that was truly ME! I’d had wraps (for years), waves, crinkles, crimps – you name it, I had it! But all those styles didn’t fit ME.
In February of this year I decided to take the plunge and get kinky twists. Unfortunately when I arrived for my appointment, the stylist told me that she could give me twists without the kinky since she was running behind and I was scheduled to attend a formal event that afternoon. I consented and placed my kinky fro in her hands.
I emerged from her chair with a new style that complimented the same old Brandy. I rushed home to get dressed for the event and almost broke a few laws to arrive on time (CPTime is not of God! lol). I am not one to do things for attention, but I do like to hear feedback from my inner circle when I try something new. I received more feedback than I could handle and it was not limited to my inner circle.
Months later as I continue to sport my twists, I sometimes catch myself looking in the mirror, a little too long, enjoying a style thats suits the quirkiness of my personality. I am still caught off guard when I am approached on the street or in a grocery store by a beautiful male who wants to take a moment to compliment my style (definitely a plus ;o>).
Step by step, day by day, discovery after discovery, I am steadily becoming more and more
like Brandy. :o)

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