I’m getting older and I’m really feeling it. Not necessarily in my body, but in my mind. I’m a few years shy of thirty and I’m really starting to sense it. I never made promises to do certain things before I turned thirty, but I did make some internal promises to do certain things before I got married. While my current marriage prospects are seemingly non-existent, I know deep down in my heart that there is some nice looking nerdy artistic jock (who loves the Lord) out there waiting for me. ;o)

From the perspective of my pre-adolescent self, here’s a list of the things I thought I would have accomplished by now:

1. Written several novels
2. Created several cartoon movies for Disney
3. Worked on a movie set
4. Travelled to several countries in Asia
5. Earned my undergrad and graduate degrees, perhaps working on doctoral
6. Driving a nice car and living in a nice house
7. Working as an astronomer

Pre-adolescence for me was very idyllic. Not because my circumstances at the time were that way. I just had plenty of room for things to get better. I had plenty of time to dream. I had tons of stories I had written during that time that I think I got rid of somewhere down the line.

I have yet to write A novel. Actually I have yet to officially finish a short story. I have created cartoon characters, but never a full storyboard. I have been in the filming of a movie trailer and that’s about it. Haven’t made it to Asia yet (but I did get to Europe). Still working on school….slowly. Car and house are somewhere waiting for me. I gave up working as an astronomer in high school.

Sometimes as you get older things change. Sometimes your interests change. My passion for writing has remained. My interest in film has remained. My desire to attend (and finish!) school has remained. My passion for travel has remained. The little girl in me who believes she can achieve anything is still there. Her voice is sometimes muffled by the external voices of society and circumstances or even the internal voices of her older self.

But the passion still remains………….

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