Movie Runners

The last time I truly enjoyed running I was in grade school and under five feet tall. I did it recently (recreation) and enjoyed it…barely, but talking about it with a friend made us think about people who run in movies.

Harrison Ford: he used to run very fast and long…but that was back in those Indiana Jones days. I think the last movie he had a good run in was The Fugitive. Poor Harry…..

Keanu Reeves: he was a very hard runner…he really put his whole body into it, but he’s also slowed down over the years.

Pierce Brosnan: honestly….has he ever run? Probably only in those old Remington Steele episodes…lol But have you noticed that directors like to write in action sequences that involve him doing some fancy driving in a high performance luxury vehicle or a rickshaw? He runs for about a block and then jumps into or onto some other mode of transportation. Thanks, Pierce, for keeping it real. You can’t run nor do you want to.

Jackie Chan: he runs for dear life. He runs as if the KGB is on his tail. Like a kid running on the playground, running so hard his feet are kicking his backside. We see all the effort, all the pain in his posture and facial expressions. You hope that he’ll get away, but you know it won’t be without a fight first. He runs until he can find a good corner to fight in.

Tom Hanks: run, Forrest, run!

Daniel Craig (new James Bond): I have to give this guy some credit for at least the first 25 minutes of Casino Royale. I don’t recall ever seeing a James Bond run so hard, long and fast!!

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