Family Meeting

I always laughed at sitcoms or movies where a parent or child decide to call a family meeting. I thought “Who does this kind of thing?” On television, family meetings are called when a child may be acting out or has become withdrawn. Then there are the family meetings about mee-maw’s health or her estate. … More Family Meeting


It’s been a long, snow-filled day. There’s so much snow that I can’t open the front door. Much of my car is buried in it. The unspectacular backyard is covered with it, somehow making it much more appealing. I woke up to find snow had managed to escape its natural habitat, landing on the interior … More Stillness

Genealogy Digging

These days it seems every one is fascinated with their family history and genealogy thanks to the popularity of shows like Finding Your Roots and Genealogy Roadshow on PBS and Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC. For me, these shows have fueled my love for history, providing me with helpful research methods to … More Genealogy Digging